Three Simple Ways Moms Can Reclaim Calmness by Top 30 Super Moms

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Tips to stay calm
Super Moms
Super Moms
Super Moms
Super Moms
Super Moms

No one is like your mom. That is why every mom is like an angel roaming the earth. All moms play a crucial role in their children’s lives.

For instance, your mother strives to balance her life beautifully while paying attention to your needs. Just like other mothers elsewhere, your mom is also smart, pretty, and versatile in her own way. Together with other big-hearted mothers, she is an inspiration to not only you but also to any stressed-out mom out there. She can empower or help other mothers to grow stronger and live happily. So if you are looking for better ways to keep stress away, keep reading to get inspired and motivated by our top super moms (30).

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#1 Nina Spears

Nina Spears
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As a full-time working mother and entrepreneur, I know how stressful life can get. I don’t have a nanny or a maid and I am always trying to figure out how to juggle it all. Moms are amazing! But we also have to recognize our limits and manage our stress. As mothers, our stress affects the whole family so it’s important for us to do little things throughout the day or we that can help us manage our stress. I highly recommend doing something for your mind, your body, and your heart. They don’t have to be big things. In fact, three simple things that you can do to reach can be:

TIP 1- For your mind, have a calendar/planner – Writing down the things that you absolutely must get done that day is so much more helpful than thinking about everything that needs to get done that week. That can stress anyone out. Looking at your calendar and prioritizing that day’s to-do list will help you feel a lot less stressed and much more organized. It will also help you organize the family’s schedule and make you realize if you need additional help. (It’s okay to ask for help!)

TIP 2- For your body, move your body! – This can be as simple as taking a daily walk. Whether that is by yourself or with your family, get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Your mind and body with thank you for the change of scenery, the vitamin D, and to have your blood pumping. This can definitely help clear your mind, relieve stress, and leave you in a better mood.

TIP 3- For your heart, keep a gratitude journal – Write out three things everyday that you are grateful for. Do this while you are having some alone time. (That could be before the kids wake up in the morning or right before you get ready for bed.) When you remember the things that are truly important to you and that you’re grateful for, you tend to not sweat the small stuff. You also realize how blessed you are. The practice of gratitude also invites other positive things to come into your life too.

#2 Sia Cooper

Sia Cooper
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Step 1- Picking up a new hobby. I started CrossFit recently and it’s helped me to get to know myself better and have my own identity away from just being mommy.

Step 2- Going to therapy. Therapy helps with everything but especially managing any stresses of life. I go weekly and it helps to hit the reset button so I can come back better for my kids and understand how to handle the stress, conflict, etc.

Step 3- Taking me time. Even if it means giving them their ipad so you can go take a 20 minute bubble bath, you need it. You have to learn to reset yourself even at home so you can come back clearer minded and better. You cannot fill from an empty cup so pour into yourself and be a little selfish.

#3 Jodi Durr

Jodi Durr

TIP 1- Pray – If you are a person of faith, pray. Ask God for the things you need to get through the trials of the day.

TIP 2- Be Full of Thanksgiving – By focusing on the things you are grateful for rather than the stress, it completely changes your mindset. You have the power to rewire your brain and what it chooses to fixate on.

TIP 3- Hold Your Expectations and Agenda Loosely – I find that I’m the most stressed when I am focused on the unimportant things. My kids want my attention, but I want a clean kitchen. Maybe I’m too into my phone rather than my family, and the tension rises when my own selfish desires conflict with the things that are truly important. Life looks different when you are a mom, and you definitely need to take time for yourself. However, learning to let go of being superwoman so you can truly be present is key.

#4 Lynne Huysamen

Lynne Huysamen
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Step 1- Take time for yourself to rest, to do the things that you enjoy and to connect with your friends. It is so easy to lose yourself in motherhood and put all your energy and focus on your children and keeping your family happy. It is essential to make sure that you are doing things for yourself, you need to fill your own cup before you are able to pour from it.

Step 2- Breathe – it may sound silly because we all breathe, but there is a difference between breathing without thinking about it and doing some deep breathing exercises along with some meditation. Deep breathing is fantastic for relieving stress and improving health.

Step 3- Walk every day – being outside in nature and walking is great for your health. It will keep you fit and active, while at the same time reducing your stress levels.

#5 Dr. Jolene Brighten

Dr. Jolene Brighten
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Step 1- Be gentle with yourself. We often come into motherhood with a lot of ideals that don’t always manifest into reality and that’s ok.

Step 2- Eat regular meals. Blood sugar dips and spikes can cause stress hormones to rise. Keep snacks with you to reduce metabolic stress.

Step 3- Try adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola, Ashwagandha or Eleuthero, like you’ll find in our adrenal supplement, to help support your hormones and make you more resilient to stress.

#6 Teresa Kindred

Teresa Kindred
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Step 1- Take care of your self. You are the Captain of your ship. If you don’t take care of yourself who will steer your ship? Exercise is a stress reliever. I love to walk and it helps. Find what you love to do and make it a priority.

Step 2- Rely on your team. Whether it’s your parents, in-laws, neighbors, whoever….Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Share and communicate with them. They may need you as much as you need them!

Step 3- Find what helps you relax. Take a long soak in a tub full of Epsom salts. Get a massage. Meditate. Listen to music. Whatever it is that helps you chill….do it!

#7 Maria Sigrid Lo

Maria Sigrid Lo
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Step 1- Proper breathing –  When I get tensed, I take deep breaths and that calms me down. It helps me to think better, too, as blood goes to my brain.

Step 2- Essential oils – Certain scents affect my moods and calm me immediately.

Step 3- Enough sleep – Nothing gets me so tensed and cranky than getting only a few hours of sleep at night. I should get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep during the night. Then I take a nap in the afternoon.

#8 Lori McNee

Lori McNee
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As a busy momprenuer and fine artist who works from home, I have learned how to find calm within the eye of the hurricane! Exercise in nature is my favorite way to decompress from stress. Mother Nature grounds and recharges me. But, while working on a stressful deadline I like to listen to soothing music or the gentle sounds of a fountain. Taking a moment to sit quietly with my eyes closed while taking in a few deep, cleansing breaths can also work wonders!

#9 Nicole Pizzato

Nicole Pizzato
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Step 1- I get up early in the morning and do meditation.

Step 2- During the day I take an hour for myself to do what I like, like cooking, writing, or reading a book

Step 3- I try to eat and sleep well, always! And then I never forget to surround myself with positive people who make me feel good!

#10 Katelynn Ansari

Katelynn Ansari
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I like to take a holistic approach to stress so for me, if I’m stressed I like to distance myself from the day and go take a warm bath with Dr Teals Lavender bath soap. If I’m unable to get to the bath, I make myself an ashwaganda smoothie or take NOW ashwaganda (it’s like natures xanax) or I’ll go for a walk. I love being out in nature, no synthetic noises or distractions. Major plus because I can push the baby in the stroller and have Cash ride his bike – win win

#11 Vera Sweeney

Vera Sweeney
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There are a few ways that I like to recenter myself and they each require me to unplug from social media and online buzz. I think hobbies are a lost art. Finding a passion in my 40s has revived something in me and continues to bring me endless joy. Women should really focus on this more. Spending time outdoors is also key – even if it’s just in your own backyard and even if it’s alone. Lastly, there’s nothing a hard game of sudoku can’t solve. When you have to put all your attention on solving a riddle, you have no time to worry about real-life drama.

#12 Kimberly Vetrano

Kimberly Vetrano
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When I’m feeling stressed out, this is what I like to do…

Step 1- Take time for me and do something that I enjoy such as get my nails done, hang out with friends, read a book or craft.

Step 2- Reach out to friends and talk to them about what is stressing me out. Sometimes just talking about what is stressing you out helps to alleviate the stress.

Step 3- Walk away from the situation (if possible). Go on a long walk, go to a movie (even if you go alone), stroll around a museum. Removing yourself from the situation helps you to clear your head and get a better grasp on things.

#13 Tara Clark

Tara Clark
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Step 1- Step away from your phone. Either go for a walk around the block or put your phone in a different room for a bit. Constantly grabbing your phone to check notifications or scrolling mindlessly can really stress you out.

Step 2- Practice mindfulness. Be aware of your present, your breath and your emotions. It will help ground you when your stress levels rise.

Step 3- As much as you can, remove the toxic people from your life. Or at the very least, reduce your contact with them. You don’t need their negative energy sucking your positive one.

#14 Brianne Manz

Brianne Manz
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As a mother of three, stress management is a crucial part of my routine. Mothers/Women are juggling a lot of responsibilities that can easily lead to burnout. When it comes to managing stress I like to stick to the basics. Things I know I can add to my already hectic schedule. First and foremost, a spa-like bath once a week. Add some bubbles, aromatherapy, dim the lights, a yummy candle, whatever speaks to you. This is a great way to decompress after a long day or week. Something else that’s very important to me is my friendships. Scheduling a coffee, lunch, or cocktail date with one of my friends is one of my favorite ways to check in on my individual identity outside of motherhood. Catching up and laughing together always rejuvenates my spunk. And last but not least, incorporating a bit of health and wellness. Whether that’s a weekly workout class, an acupuncture appointment, or maybe even a monthly massage. But any of these options do wonders to getting our bodies and minds back to being in the moment.

#15 Lauren Bigler

Lauren Bigler
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Step 1- As a working mother, I have tons of stress. Three ways I destressed myself are: an Offline Day, A Spa Day, and/or reading

Step 2- An Offline day is a day of NO phones, NO computers, etc. A day to just enjoy the day as a family. Doing tons of bonding, playing outdoors, and baking! A Spa Day is a day I treat myself to a relaxing pedicure, manicure, or a massage, something to make me just completely relax. The last way I love destressing myself is by reading a book. I get lost in the pages and get completely into it which makes great for not thinking about whatever is stressing you.

#16 Diana Chastain

Diana Chastain
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To reduce stress, for me, I have to keep a schedule. I have a dry erase calendar with my family’s activities and then I keep an agenda of my personal tasks that keep me accountable and productive. Without keeping my calendar, I forget dates and will miss things which brings more unnecessary stress.”

#17 Angela Ferendo

Angela Ferendo
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Step 1- My surefire way of staying stress-free is clearing time for myself.  This can be different for everyone but mine is working out – either outside for a run or taking a zumba class.

Step 2- Now I also need the complete opposite of alone time as being a mom can be isolating, especially in a pandemic.  So I make sure to stay connected to my friends through Marco Polo and our outdoor (socially distanced) book club.  Connecting with other moms keeps my sanity in check 🙂

Step 3- And lastly, putting the phone and laptop away and just playing with my daughter.

#18 Melody Pittman

Melody Pittman

I think it is essential for any mothers’ mental health to have time for themselves. I found my solace in a nice warm bath, a great reprieve we have readily available. When my kids were young, I told them it was “my time”. They asked to sit in the bathroom with me. I gave the ground rules that they had to be silent, and play individually, so they filled the bathroom up with toys to keep themselves busy, Thirty minutes of me-time ended up being an hour or more because they got busy and lost track of time. It was a win-win for everyone and a great way to unwind for me and catch up on my reading.

#19 Erin Cox

Erin Cox
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Step 1-Remember that you matter too. As moms we often fully prioritize everyone and everything else in our lives, especially things that our culture tells us is most important, like immaculate homes. If you’re moving through an entire day without taking at least 30 minutes for yourself, you’re going to burn out and crash.

Step 2- Honor the way that you’re made. If you’re an introvert, find ways to have protected, quiet time alone, even if you sit in your car in the driveway! If you’re an extrovert, make sure to schedule weekly “mom’s night out” so that you can talk to people your own age.

Step 3- Take care of your body! Your body is your temple and if mom is down and out, everyone is. Exercise, take time to enjoy your meals, and be grateful for them, spend time in prayer or meditation. If you’re strong, if your hormones are balanced, if you have energy, you can accomplish more of what you have planned for the day, especially with a happy heart!

#20 Julie S

Julie S
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Simple ways to reduce stress focus on doing things I love and that helps me relax. I cup of tasty tea and sitting down on the couch with no interruptions, is a great way to reduce stress. Having pets, they are great stress reducers as well. Snuggling with my purring cat or scratching the ear of one of our dogs is an instant mood booster. A third is curling up with a book or a TV show on the couch. Just putting myself in a different place through an entertaining story helps reduce some of the stress caused by our crazy lives right now.

#21 Raki Wright

Raki Wright
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Step 1- Factor in extra time: No matter how organized you are with planning, there’s always a long list of last-minute jobs to be done. So try to factor in extra time so you can avoid last-minute rushing around.

Step 2- Do what only you can do: Train others to do the rest. Adjust your expectations. When you’ve delegated something to your husband the most important thing to remember – relinquish control of how it’s done. When your kids take over something, the most important thing to remember is that you are there to promote learning and responsibility.

Step 3- Order your groceries online: Online grocery shopping can save you hours every week whether you use a delivery service, get them shipped, or drive-thru to pick them up.

#22 Jessie Gill

Jessie Gill
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For me, the best ways of managing stress are:
1- CBD
2- Meditation and
3- Walking.

#23 Bella Behar

Bella Behar
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Step 1- Self-care: I cannot emphasize enough how important self-care is. You cannot pour from an empty cup. It is crucial to hit the brakes from time to time and enjoy some well-deserves “me-time.” Have your husband (or a babysitter of your choice) take care of your child while you have some uninterrupted time to recharge your batteries. I personally like getting my hair done or get mani-pedis. Other love to go shopping to relax. There’s a reason it’s called retail therapy.

Step 2- Find the time to work-out: This doesn’t mean you have to do some full-fledged gym workout. It can be as simple as just doing a 10 minute YouTube workout or going for a walk around the block. Exercising releases endorphins and helps tremendously at reducing stress. Start your day with a workout and you’ll feel more energized throughout the day.

Step 3- Get in your zzz’s: I know we’re all busy and have excuses but getting in a solid 7-8 hours of quality sleep at night is so crucial to reduce your stress levels. Try to not use any electronics close to bedtime. If you need extra help relaxing, you can do some light yoga before going to bed and use essential oils.

#24 Ashley Havecker

Ashley Havecker
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Being a mom to two boys under the age of 5 that were born 11 months apart is no walk in the park when you are working full-time and building a business. There are many stresses that moms face and I have learned that to prioritize my health as one. If I came not taking care of myself then why would my kids and who would take care of my clients. So I stay active as exercise alleviates stress even if it is just taking the kids for a walk or sometimes in the evenings getting to go on a run by myself. Eating healthy and staying properly hydrated is not only important for your organs, but it helps with your energy too.

Lastly, sleep. I am sure you figured that was coming but sleep is important for recovery.

#25 Chaton Turner

Chaton Turner
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Step 1- Exercise: I have exercised most of my adult life and I draw on that practice when I feel stressed. I have been walking and running every morning since the pandemic restrictions were initiated.

Step 2- Eat a Well-Balanced Diet: Eating a healthy diet makes me feel better. Also, I am less stressed when my clothes fit. So, I try to keep my calories low and my nutrients high.

Step 3- Create a Schedule that Works: Being out of sync with my life creates stress. My observations have taught me that I need my sleep. So, to the annoyance of my husband, I go to bed early. Implementing this increases my patience and makes me look better.

#26 Arielle Worona

Arielle Worona
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Step 1- In order to reduce stress, I like to work out before work. I wake up early (or I should say, my babies, wake me up early!), and soon after, my morning routine includes putting one or both of my daughters in the stroller to go on a run around our neighborhood. The girls love this ritual because they get to eat snacks and get fresh air and I get to clear my mind and reset for a new day. It’s the perfect start to the day for all of us.

Step 2- I also love yoga–especially hot yoga–which is an amazing stress reliever for me–especially at night time. It’s been hard to keep up with this in 2020 with the quarantine and without being able to go to a physical class but I do my best to find time to put on some calming music to do some deep breathing at home at the very least!

Step 3- I find that writing or doing anything creative is also a big stress reliever for me. I think this is a big reason why I love to blog–it helps me to reflect and take my mind off the stresses of the workday. I’d love to also say that self-care helps me to reduce stress because I do believe it’s first and foremost in terms of mamas keeping their sanity but truth be told, it has been especially hard to keep up with this in 2020 since I’m constantly on mom and work duty 24/7. I’m a work in progress!

#27 Karissa Whitman

Karissa Whitman

Have a routine/schedule that allows flexibility! Sometimes, being too makes it hard to adapt with last minute changes pop up (kids being sick, baby poops their diaper, car gets a flat, etc…). Although routines help to:
1- Keep us calm,
2- Balanced and
3- Sane
Being too rigid can also make us crazy!

#28 Aneta Alaie

Aneta Alaie
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According to me, 3 simple ways to reduce stress for mothers is firstly letting the little things slide. I have four kids so I have long decided to pick my battles. When I stopped worrying about my kids eating only the best foods and focused more on making sure they were eating, my stress went down. Also, find something you like and do it without regrets or guilt. If it’s reading a book, do it. If it’s watching cheesy rom-coms, do it. If it is doing yoga, DO IT. Plus there is no shame in taking time out for yourself. Make sure the kids are safe and take care of you. Take a breather. Cry it out. Scream if you need to. Then go back to regularly scheduled activities.

#29 Cristen Casados

Cristen Casados
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Step 1- De-stress your home:  Do you find that when your home aesthetic is off that you feel like you’re in a rut?  Are you in a stress rut because your home is a mess?  Or is your home a mess because you’re in a stress rut?  Consider simplifying by using smart home products (robotic vacuums, smart appliances, etc).  Declutter as much as possible and organize what you end up keeping with pretty bins and sticky labels.  Also, consider going paperless with as much as possible to reduce paper clutter around the house.  Another option would be to hire outside help like a housekeeper or an organizing service like the Neat Method.

Step 2- Probiotics: and gut health play an important factor in stress management, which I have been learning more about this year.  Find yourself a good probiotic and stick to taking them routinely.   Couple that with mild to moderate daily exercise, increase water intake, and healthier eating and your body will thank you.

Step 3- Carve out time for YOU: Everybody talks about “me time” like it has to be expensive and away from the home.  Consider purchasing a back massager to use at home, some fun nail polishes and manicure tools, and some great face products.  And don’t be afraid to do something completely mindless like play a video game on your kid’s Nintendo Switch (ask me how I know), or browse Pinterest for hours after everyone goes to bed.

#30 Jessica Guerrieri

Jessica Guerrieri
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Step 1- Ask for help: this is a sign of tremendous strength.

Step 2- Change it up: switch up location, activity, or routine.

Step 3- Take time for yourself: you have to put on your oxygen mask, before you can help others

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